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Family Constellation,
what are they ?


Family Constellations help us to take a fresh look at our lives and, beyond our believes, to see and understand differently what the hidden dynamics are.

They help us to solve difficult situations and prevent them from reoccurring...

Professional or Self Development Training Course


The training course is intended for those who wish to grow and live more harmoniously, enrich their personal and professional life or practice Family Constellations. It gives everyone good foundations.

Registration is open, don't wait to register...

The Interview


A big thank you for this first step in this constellation adventure.

Thank you for taking so many people by the hand and leading them to a serene and peaceful inner state...


I came with no expectations, and I left having received a lot of teachings. My exercise was amazing and enriching, but participating in other people's constellations also brought me a lot.


Thank you very much for this Training Course, so rich and constructive! I have understood so many essential and important things that I'm trying to solve for so long.


I wish to have more information

thank you for being precise in your request

Translation by Ella Zewucki.

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