Code of Ethics

Any professional practice in Family Constellation requires obtaining the Certification.

No practice is permitted before Certification.

The professionals in Family Constellation certified by Michaël Katzeff clearly mention on all their mediums : « certified in Family Constellation by Michaël Katzeff ».

Only the certified people can mention that they have been trained by Michaël Katzeff, the Certifying Training Course including at least 3 years of training.


After Certification, all professionals commit themselves to follow the Ongoing Training Course with Michaël Katzeff, by attending to at least two annual Conscious Practice of Family Constellation® seminars.


Michaël Katzeff offer a Certificate of Conscious Practice in Family Constellation® to professionals who acquire, with professional experience and the Ongoing Training Course, a thorough conscious practice of Family Constellation.

The Certificate clearly states : « certified in Conscious Practice of Family Constellation®  by Michaël Katzeff ».


The professionals commit themselves to respect the Code of Ethics in its most recent version presented here.

The Code of Ethics guarantees to all, professionals and clients, intellectual, moral, religious, spiritual and political freedom.

Professionals vouch for respecting this freedom with each of their clients.

Professionals respect confidentiality for all that is lived and shared in private and in group sessions.

The professionals commit themselves to not feed a dependent connexion with the client and to hand over to the client the responsibility for his or her own life.

The professionals commit themselves to respect the brief approach of Family Constellations and therefore not to encourage the client to come for sessions countless times.

In Group Family Constellation, professionals commit themselves to guarantee that each client can have his own constellation. No participant may be present only as an observer or representative. A unique fee is charged to each participant.

Comments, quotations, writings and exercises shared by Michaël Katzeff during the Training Course or during other seminars as well as the content of their website, their Facebook page or any other medium can not be used for personal or professional purposes without their written permission.


The professionals refrain from offering Family Constellations in the same facilities as those where Michaël Katzeff practice, without their written permission.

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Translation by Ella Zewucki.

No part of this website may be reproduced without the written consent of Michaël Katzeff.