For Valentine's Day, instead of offering flowers and a tie, we can devote a little time to the couple's benefit.
Michaël Katzeff

‘‘Honouring the Couple’’ Cycle

Two worlds meet and a couple is born.

Every two years, Michaël host the "Honouring the Couple" cycle which is a great success. This three-weekend cycle is open to everyone, whether you are alone, accompanied or in a couple.

During these three weekends, together, we will explore and honour the couple in all its aspects, whether

and develop in harmony, for the benefit of the couple, each partner and its environment.

We will bring back order in our couple's life and learn to welcome and share our feelings, to communicat

communicate with respect and kindness, to give and receive in a balanced way, not to carry for the other and to take our rightful place in our couple.

Many simple, practical and fun exercises are experienced for the benefit of the couple and a rich teaching is shared.

We will live the couple differently, with respect, love and humour.

During the "Honouring the Couple" Cycle held in Brussels and Geneva, your constellation can be done in English, the rest of the seminar is given in French.

What is worked on ?

  • The masculine and the feminine

  • Sexuality, desires, fantasies, abuse, suffering

  • Passion, love, marriage, separation, divorce, feeling of betrayal, extramarital relationships, ex-partners, wounds, dependency, co-dependency, freedom, heavy fates, loneliness, bereavement, widowhood

  • the coming of a child, the parental couple, the blended family, the couple and the child in difficulty or disabled, the illegitimate or natural child, adoption, infertility, refusal to have a child, sperm and egg donation, miscarriages, abortion

  • the fundamental orders of love, the bonds and dynamics of the couple, the respective consciousness and beliefs, the family of origin and its intricacies, the balance between giving and taking

  • where one lives, finances, work, couple businesses, family businesses, community and separation of property

  • the rules of benevolent communication, happiness, fulfilment, celebration

  • etc.

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Translation by Ella Zewucki.

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