Michaël Katzeff

Michaël Katzeff fell very early into the pot since from his early childhood he grew up amongst the pioneers of humanistic psychology. He was nourrished by two major masters, his father Michel Katzeff, pioneer of Gestalt in Europe, and Bert Hellinger, pioneer in Family Constellations.

More than twenty years ago, he created the Well-being Trail®, an annual Belgian event, which offered the opportunity to discover and concretely experiment a hundred different therapeutic approaches with a hundred or so therapists. On this occasion, he published the Index of Health and Wellness Professionals®.

He has accompanied people at the end of their lives for many years.

A man of heart and action, Michaël Katzeff has been a specialist and trainer in Family Constellations in Switzerland, Belgium, France and Spain for the past twenty years.

" About Michaël Katzeff, I can say that I appreciate the accuracy of his great intuition. I also like his laughing eyes, the warmth and friendliness that emanates from him and his generosity. I love his humanity, that is, I appreciate feeling that he loves the whole of humanity. I also like his frankness and I admire the way he handles it with firmness but with a lot of softness and love which means that you can be shaken but not hurt. It's for me a very high quality. I'm happy to have met him, this encounter moved me a lot. "

Mourka Glogowsky

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Translation by Ella Zewucki.

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