During each session, a question is highlighted and an in-depth work is carried out.

Michaël Katzeff

Individual sessions

Individual sessions can be done alone, as a couple or as a family. This brief and pragmatic approach highlights a question at each session.


Together, we will take a fresh look at what raises issues and quickly set in motion new dynamics in our lives.

Each session lasts an 1h to 1h15. I consult in Brussels and Geneva.

In case of emergency or for geographical reasons, a Skype session is possible.

What can be worked on ?


  • he family of origins, the current or blended family

  • the relationships with the parents or the children

  • siblings, twins, adoption, illegitimate children

  • the couple, loneliness, extramarital relationships

  • sexuality, abuse and incest

  • birth, abortion, miscarriages, assisted fertilization

  • separation, divorce

  • physical or mental illnesses, death, bereavement

  • depression, burn-out, anguish or anxiety

  • anger, sadness, jealousy

  • feeling of guilt, abandonment or exclusion

  • weight gain, bulimia, anorexia

  • alcohol and drug abuse

  • recurring or important thoughts, dreams or nightmares

  • hyperactive children, school problems, enuresis

  • money, work, employment status, work relationships, redundancy, business issues

  • major events, blows of fate, heavy fates, recurrent events

  • important decisions to make

  • self-esteem, love

  • etc.

How does a session unfold ?

In an individual session, the client places in the room, and according to his inner image, paper as representatives of his family, relational or professional environment. An image emerges and, with the help of the constellator, a new awareness can occur. A more harmonious order can be experienced and  nourishing sentences are shared.

Testimonials :

I just want to say this word : thank you.

The last session, of this Friday, was "revolutionary" and bore its good fruits, almost immediately. It was strong and right; I would not have believed that of myself and I feel transformed, I recovered my energy, my strength and my dignity.



Thanks to you, I was able to do a great work on myself... Yesterday as well   as last year...

I really appreciate the way you do things... Calm, modest, composed, with kindness and a lot of respect...

You inspire a lot of confidence in me!

Again, thank you very much.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


It is in the deepest despair, for me insoluble, remanent, that I came to find you for a personal session. It was the third time I was put on the " runway ". It was necessary that the intensity of my distress be so intense and so unbearable to have the courage to come and light up the cellar, with a righteous light, beyond dogmas and subjectivity. I do not want to fall into dramaturgy but to stress how much your approach, which has been so true, so subtle, so unsettling too, has been able to illuminate this movement so Great, beyond Good and Evil, which has gradually made its way. It was necessary to integrate it, through the heart, because the mind, as usual, sought to understand and rationalize.

After a second session, you very generously invited me, with great kindness, to participate in a Family Constellation weekend. Exercise for which I had so much fear and hesitation. What has happened is beyond all understanding, beyond all Cartesian mind. This experience of reconciliation, of acceptance in the deepest sense of the word, gradually opened my heart. This profound experience with your benevolent support, yours, and the other participants', allowed me to recover my footing in this ball. It took me several months to integrate it, to understand it. The soul is the same, the form has changed, like a complete metamorphosis.

Thank you.


I wish to have more information

thank you for being precise in your request

Translation by Ella Zewucki.

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