I really appreciate the man you are. Your restraint and your spontaneous impulses, your generosity and your calmness. Your foresight and your simplicity. Your humanity.


I lived a family constellation in private and in a group. I was happy to understand the false and real emotional place that my family members occupied. The inadequate places that some took, either by taking the place of one or another and this to protect, to relieve guilt or to fill a situation.

I was also able to understand the weight of family secrets that should be brought to light for the well-being of all. I was then able to lift its secrets and release myself or attach myself to certain members of my family by restoring their rightful place. I had the impression that I was helping myself, cleansing a troubled situation and not letting the lives of future generations rot through transmission.

Caroline Gheyselen

My heart is at peace today, my resentment is fading, my anger is crumbling, I am finding forgiveness and I am embracing my life with sense and with my heart, confident and alert like a tigress. I can say today.

I have been through what systemic family constellations are : how life is organized and is animated, its dynamics, its air currents, its leaks. Its repetitions, congestions and outcomes.

It gave me another way of looking at life, society, family, relationships, Oneself! A surprising way of looking at it. Brief therapy?! Brief therapy!?

It's a work that requires to brew, decant. I lay at your feet, Lord, my tears, my dead, I accept to suffer and to heal, I accept to renounce, to wait, to listen, to say, to assert. I meet love, loneliness, sharing.

Michaël, Thank you for your welcome, guidance, trust and sincerity. Long live love and friendship! Goodbye.

Céline L.

My dear friend Michaël,

I see in you a poet and a man of heart who recognizes in others what is most beautiful. Just a few words to encourage you and to express the admiration I have for you, you who takes care of people and helps them to get out of the gooey mess in which they imprison and lock themselves.

I thank your father again who saved my life and I see in you a beautiful continuation of his ideal. You're different, but you're also strong because you love others.

Sincerely yours.


I came to you three weeks a month ago for my nightmares and my anxieties and since then its all gone and I want to thank you deeply because my life has completely changed. I am much lighter, much more agreeable, I sleep well. It's really great, I feel like I'm living again. There. Thank you very much. Well... I'm not saying see you soon, unless there are other problems or for one of my children.


Dear Michaël,

I absolutely wanted to thank you infinitely for the help and the well-being that you have brought me!!!

I don't know if you remember my last session with you but I assure you that, once again, your "therapy" has bore its fruits!!! my room is almost finished (the paintings are almost finished and it is starting to become superb) And all this thanks to you!

I wish you and your sweetheart to live in complete happiness and send you my best wishes for the New Year.

Looking forward to seeing you again.


Saturday was an extremely rich day for me... I would like to thank you again for your presence, your kindness, your concentration in the work.

All those things you said on Saturday are so rich, so interesting, so right... a lot of things have affected me as a representative AND also just by listening to you “comment” on a constellation or adding information... which are crucial for me, almost “healing”. If you hadn’t shared them with us, I wouldn’t be so far down my evolutionary path.


I would like to thank you for the constellation... it was extremely beneficial, and I am convinced to enter already a new phase of my existence...

Many things have questioned me, for example dignity, liberation from our Judeo-Christian "indoctrination", humility, and listening to our emotions and body...


Dear Michaël,

Since the constellation, on my birthday (my 50th birthday), big changes in my life... I could believe in a rebirth... maybe the constellation had something to do with it...

I met a wonderful woman, Jasmine, on January the 31st, and we recently got married on August the 6th !

I left my company in Belgium and became independent.

I left for Australia for an undetermined period, and Jasmine will join me later.

All in all, we found true happiness.... you played a part... and I thank you for that...

I hope we will meet again soon, you (and your wife) are welcome in Australia (Sydney)... I invite you with pleasure !


Recommend Michaël Katzeff ?

Recommend Michaël Katzeff !?

But we can't recommend Michaël Katzeff !

One can only take him and love him as he is, simply, entirely, in all his astonishing and wonderful wholeness, at where he is today on his way !

Fascinating man, multiple man, curious man in every sense of the word.

A man of heart, a man of guts, an exciting and passionate man, capable of going to the very bottom of each of his passions, at the risk of getting lost... But also able of bearing the price, and savour the experience at its true value, whatever it is, and then better return to the essence of himself...

A man of tolerance and openness, a family man.

Showman, party man, man of sensuality.

Man of light, but who knows his shadows.

Living and loving man : what more can we say ?

Michaël Katzeff ? A beautiful man !

Thierry Van Doren

On two occasions, I had the opportunity to have a private family constellation session with Michaël Katzeff.

Each of these two sessions brought me a key element and brought to light to a perverse functioning that I could not have identified alone. Curiously, the second session - which Michaël didn't think he'd completed - came back to me again and disarmed one of my ways of doing things. Michaël made me put words on an attitude that I had not identified ("I would rather you die than tell you what I have to say to you") which then made me observe all the situations where this attitude came back. I think I've cleared some of the ground !!!

What I appreciated in these sessions was first of all Michaël's very beautiful sensitivity, his natural way of making people feel confident with a great kindness, a great gentleness. I had the impression that time no longer mattered, to be out of time.

I found him centered, always in contact with his feelings, just. I think that his family background is a great asset in his role as a therapist : it seemed to me that he had always done this without ever succumbing to convenience. I found him totally present and attentive throughout the sessions. I can say that he surprised me with the suggestions he made.

I had the opportunity to work with Ramoda Austerman, with Marie-Claude Van Lierde and for me, Michaël Katzeff is one of the finest therapists. I had the opportunity to recommend him to a woman in difficulty and the sessions were a great help to her.

France Detry

Many thanks, dear Michaël,

I have no words that describe this "experience".

Your voice, your presence and your power, all marked by an immense gentleness, have brought me closer to my essence and its source : mummy.

If I live (you will have noticed it, although with a beautiful and great appetite) I remain as thin as a peg. A living dead ???

Thank you.



Thanks to you, I was able to do a great work on myself... Yesterday as well   as last year...

I really appreciate the way you do things... Calm, modest, composed, with kindness and a lot of respect...

You inspire a lot of confidence in me !

Again, thank you very much.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


Dear Mister Katzeff

Maybe you don't remember me.

During the month of December I came to you twice to do a family constellation.

The reason I came to you was a strong tendency to anger.

And of course this has led to other things way deeper.

I wanted to thank you for your help.

I also want to share with you a particularly extraordinary event that happened to me.

I had never heard of constellations before and it was somewhat by a random circumstance that I came to you.

As I told you I haven't seen my parents for 25 years and I learned (late) a few months ago of my father's death.

I came to see you on December 12.

....on December 18th , my birthday, my mother got back in touch with me.

And we saw each other on the 19th.

I don't know how to explain it, but something got put back into place that was worth telling you.

With gratitude.

J-P. B.

Hello, Michaël,

Two weeks have passed, and I'm still under the impact of what I experienced in the constellation. I knew the tool, but I was impressed by the subtlety of your approach and touched by the sensitivity you showed.

The dynamics that I saw unfold during the constellation fit with the reality. It seems to me that my children are gathering and finding some peace. In any case, I find contact and complicity with each of them.



A big thank you for this first step in this constellation adventure.

Thank you for taking so many people by the hand and leading them to a serene and peaceful inner state...

This discovery towards the beautiful path of happiness that everyone deserves is for me an essential value in my life.

Even if it sometimes hurts a lot, this investment is the proof that the truth helps to grow whilst keeping its true, this child's heart.

Yours .

Thank you.


I just want to say this word : thank you.

The last session, of this Friday, was "revolutionary" and bore its good fruits, almost immediately. It was strong and right; I would not have believed that of myself and I feel transformed, I recovered my energy, my strength and my dignity.


I feel that it's at work, positively. On the surface, nothing happened. Deep down, something moved. I'm good. And strong.

For what I can compare, humility is the mark of true masters. And your messages were often enlightening for me as I am asking myself if I am not crazy to go down a path that is not my obvious dominant path. To be able to say that we do not understand what is happening, but that is what is happening. And that's good.

I feel richer, more connected to my deep nature, in tune with my breathing, in contact with the joy of living. A day with others bore more fruit than a long solitary retreat. I loved those moments when I was only love for others who were wounded. How good it feels, without a word. To hold someone in my arms. And just love him.

So it was beautiful. Isshin den shin, the Japanese say, from my heart to your heart, thank you. You actually know, exactly, what that means.


Thank you also for this VERY beautiful day, it was just as rich for me to "represent" someone as to constellate myself.

There was a beautiful and gentle trust in the group, a benevolent generosity, a mutual respect of a great intensity. Emmanuelle had told me about a magician... you are one indeed, who - with a great delicate way and benevolence - brings us closer to who we really are...


During my family constellation session, I was able to appreciate Michaël Katzeff's qualities.

Michaël is very respectful of the person, where he stands, how far he wants to go.

He also respects the rhythm we need.

He puts the person in confidence, he explains very clearly and is very welcoming.

His sensitivity allows him to accurately decode subtle information.

He is meticulous, warm and encouraging.

One gets the impression that nothing is missed, so exceptional is his subtle perception.

This does not make him a guru, however, he is on the level of love, tenderness and generosity. We feel neither judged nor scrutinized, but totally respected.

This moment spent with him is a true sharing.

Isabelle Van Wylick

Hello, Michaël,

Now, with over a year's hindsight, I would add this : our experience with you has allowed us to keep in mind that we "belong" to a complex organism, our family, in which the rank we occupy is never trivial.

A. B.

Thank you for your powerful work. I must say, you surprise me at every constellation. This time I was sure you'd make me repeat phrases like "now I let you go", I didn't expect to yell some "Bastards !".

You're awesome, your intuition and accuracy amaze me completely. And also, I think it's really nice that you don't let go and that your invitation is to go all the way. THANK YOU.



I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'd like to continue this painful and relieving work with you.


Thank you Michaël. Your presence, your understanding, your empathy triggers confidence in me.

What is, you see it, you feel it and you shed light on it. You turn on a big 3,000-watt projector, that's your power.

Even what we know, we are often afraid to accept it, especially when it is unacceptable.

On the path I am now to get out of the ruts, I have understood that the best tool is truth.

I have found that the pure truth is irrefutable. Truth needs no comment, criticism or judgment. It IS.

To tell the truth - which is mine - I take my shovel and my quill.

I must demand respect for myself, for everyone and for everything.

Your role as a pathfinder is great. I owe you.


The 2 constellation weekends in which I participated greatly contributed for me. I was able to set clear limits in the relationship with my mother and by synchronicity, surely, she started a work that also helps her to have a healthier distance with me and to be less intrusive in my life.

So I'm grateful to you for excelling in the art of constellations !


I wanted to warmly thank you for inviting me to participate in a Family Constellations weekend.

I had a huge pleasure in participating last week; I met some very touching and beautiful people and it was a very emotional and a wonderful weekend. I can't thank you enough for helping me so much.

I must say, that thanks to you, I have never felt such inner peace as I have experienced since Monday morning. I woke up calm as if I were another person. My inner anger is gone. I feel soothed and it's very, very agreeable. My relationships with my daughters and my husband have changed completely; I talk to them with ease and restraint. How good it feels !!!

I feel serene and see life in a different way.

Thanks again !!!


I came with no expectations, and I left having received a lot of teachings. My exercise was amazing and enriching, but participating in other people's constellations also brought me a lot.


Thank you very much for this Training Course, so rich and constructive ! I have understood so many essential and important things that I'm trying to solve for so long.


Dear Michaël,

I am still full of the weekend and wanted to thank you sincerely once again.

The work is very, very deep with Constellations, it's extra-ordinary, it's such a precious tool to relieve us and help us to LET GO of these emotions that get stuck in us if we do nothing. And this tool you use as a genius.

I say things that come out of my heart, it sounds a little crazy, but how it does expand the body and soul a bit of folly !!!


Thank you Michaël for this beautiful weekend. You act and leave things unfold in a straight line, with precision, serenity and softness, and you go straight to the point. I admire you for what you do and for who you are.


It is in the deepest despair, for me insoluble, remanent, that I came to find you for a personal session. It was the third time I was put on the " runway ". It was necessary that the intensity of my distress be so intense and so unbearable to have the courage to come and light up the cellar, with a righteous light, beyond dogmas and subjectivity. I do not want to fall into dramaturgy but to stress how much your approach, which has been so true, so subtle, so unsettling too, has been able to illuminate this movement so Great, beyond Good and Evil, which has gradually made its way. It was necessary to integrate it, through the heart, because the mind, as usual, sought to understand and rationalize.

After a second session, you very generously invited me, with great kindness, to participate in a Family Constellation weekend. Exercise for which I had so much fear and hesitation. What has happened is beyond all understanding, beyond all Cartesian mind. This experience of reconciliation, of acceptance in the deepest sense of the word, gradually opened my heart. This profound experience with your benevolent support, yours, and the other participants', allowed me to recover my footing in this ball. It took me several months to integrate it, to understand it. The soul is the same, the form has changed, like a complete metamorphosis.

Thank you.


I do not know how to thank you for your faithful support, your comforting words, your kindness, your precious listening and your magnificent inner strength that carries me each Family Constellations WE.


Again, thank you very much. It was rich, moving, sometimes heavy, but also light, without judgment... and it puts us in or puts us back into our truth or our strength.


The other day a friend asked me how my Family Constellation training course was, I answered him : "It is revealing to see without the prism of my mind". Navigating the Family Constellation landscape is a disturbing experience. Like Alice in Wonderland, I feel like I'm passing through the mirror. In this world where the noise of judgments is silenced to give way to the essential. The invisible becomes visible.

Thank you for your light ! You wake people up who sleep in their reoccurring dreams...


I had a twinge of regret because your new training kind of announces that the end of our year is approaching and it seems to me that I am only at the beginning. Thank you for the quality of your work and the way you take us to where it hurts.


I really love the way in which your benevolent and uncompromising work makes it possible to feed the best part of each one, while handing over to each one, and with a profound accuracy, the reins of his life in his own hands. For me, it is really the basis of counselling pedagogy ! I am happy to be committed to this deeply training work. Thank you.


I am full of gratitude to have met you, for me what you offer is obvious on my path today. I also allow myself to not always agree with you and it is comfortable to respect myself in these spaces as well. I also feel free to be who I am in this training course and I thank you for accepting that, for me and for the others, it is fundamental. Free to be sometimes the one who moves forward, who journeys and who opens new possibilities but free to be also sometimes static, not very courageous and closed.
Actually... I don't really care about the Constellations. If you had offered a macramé training course, I would surely have enjoyed learning how to make complicated knots from you as well. Always with this independence of spirit that drives me and is precious to me.
With all my friendship and trust.


I wish to have more information

thank you for being precise in your request

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