Professional or Self Development Training Course

10th Training Course in Family Constellation
Throughout the Training Course, my invitation is to shine a light on and put in order our existence, to be with reality, to take our rightful place and to give everyone their rightful place, all in a way that is beneficial for all, in order to embrace a wider happiness.

The Family Constellation Training Course is for those who wish to grow and live in more harmony, enrich their personal and professional life or practice Family Constellations. It gives everyone good foundations.

The Training course invites us to live and experience in a concrete way what   Family Constellations are and what they bring us. Everyone is thus invited to participate actively in multiple constellations, as observer, representative and client.


Each Constellation is enriched with a valuable teaching based on Bert Hellinger's work, Michaël Katzeff's experience, and each participant's personal experience.


Through different exercises and situational scenarios, everyone is invited to develop their perceptions, to broaden their knowledge and beliefs and to embrace a nourishing practice of the Family Constellations.


The basis of this Training Course is above all a deep work of self development. This work can be done over one or two years, depending on one' s impulse.


Each year, Michaël Katzeff enrich the Family Constellation Training Course and offer a lively teaching in adequacy with the reality of the moment. Each year, new participants also bring new themes that are specific to them and that also enrich the Training Courses.

For those who wish to take a serious additional step to become the actors of their personal and professional existence or for those who wish to become professionals in Family Constellation, a third year, dedicated to Conscious Practice in Family Constellations®, enriches these first two years of the Training Course and can lead to a Certification.

Throughout the Training Course we will integrate the wisdom of Family Constellations into our lives.

In Belgium and Switzerland, during the Training, your constellations can be done in English, the rest of the seminars are given in French.


To participate in the Family Constellation Training Course, a prior participation in a Family Constellation weekend with Michael Katzeff is recommended.

Content of the Training Course

We will discover the natural laws that govern our lives in all their aspects and explore :

  • the fundamental orders of love, family bonds and dynamics

  • family consciousness and beliefs, the place of God and destiny

  • the family of origin and its intricacies, the relationships with the parents or the children

  • the balance between giving and taking

  • the couple, loneliness, extramarital relationships

  • the laws of benevolent communication

  • sexuality, abuse and incest

  • birth, interrupted reaching out movement, abortion, miscarriages, assisted fertilization

  • siblings, twins, adoption, illegitimate children

  • the current family, separation, divorce, blended family

  • hyperactive children, school problems, enuresis

  • major events, blows of fate, heavy fates, recurrent events

  • or mental illnesses, death, bereavement

  • depression, burn-out, anguish or anxiety

  • anger, fear, sadness, jealousy and joy

  • feeling of guilt, abandonment or exclusion

  • weight gain, bulimia, anorexia

  • alcohol and drug abuse

  • recurring or important thoughts, dreams or nightmares

  • self-esteem, gratitude, love

  • important decisions to make

  • money, work, employment status, work relationships, redundancy, business issues

  • individual, group or company constellations

  • ethics, the right therapeutic attitude, nourishing sentences and soothing images

Training Course Program

The Family Constellation Training Courses can include one, two or three years of Training, according to the impulse, needs and motivations of each one.

First Year

This first year gives the necessary Foundations for our Self Development. It is divided into 8 seminars of 3 days spread out on average every 4 to 6 weeks.


The first 7 seminars take place on Fridays from 1:30pm to Sunday 6:30pm. The last seminar starts on Friday at 9am and ends on Sunday at 6:30 pm. All for a total of 210 hours.


Between each seminar, the students meet among themselves to integrate the essence of Family Constellations, for a total of 21 hours. For those who come from abroad, a skype presence is possible.


A small written report is requested after each seminar, for a total of 14 hours, as well as a written assignment at the end of the year, for a total of 28 hours.

Second year

This second year is open to those who wish to accomplish a Deep Work of Self Development. It is also intended for those who want to nourish their help and counselling work as well as for those who plan to become professionals in Family Constellation.


During this second year, we will sharpen our perceptions and explore deeply all aspects of our lives. This includes 8 seminars of 3 days spread out on average every 4 to 6 weeks.

The first 7 seminars take place on Fridays from 1:30pm to Sunday 6:30pm. The last seminar starts on Friday at 9am and ends on Sunday at 6:30 pm. All for a total of 210 hours.


Between each seminar, the students meet among themselves, for a total of 21 hours. For those coming from abroad, a skype presence is possible.


A small written report is requested after each seminar, for a total of 14 hours, as well as a small written assignment at the end of the year, for a total of 28 hours.


An Introduction to Conscious Practice of Family Constellation® is given in addition, over 2 seminars of 2 days, for a total of 36 hours.

Third Year

The third year is an invitation for those who want to be in tune with the reality of everyday life and, beyond all imaginations, act consciously to embrace life completely.


It is destined to nourish a great presence in our personal and professional existence. It is open to all of us as well as those who wish to become professionals in Family Constellation.

It allows to integrate the foundations and the wisdom of the Family Constellations in our life and to acquire the bases necessary for a Conscious Practice in Family Constellation®


It includes 8 seminars of 2 days plus two public weekends and a meditation weekend, for a total of 200 hours.


It is time for everyone to put in concrete way their hands to the wheel and take an active place in their lives. The students will themselves do constellations and together we will comment and appreciate each constellation in its smallest details.


We will supervise Constellations that have been questioned in small group meetings and explore Family Constellations to enable professional group practice or individual consultation.


Between each seminar, the students gather together for Family Constellations practice, for a total of 21 hours.


A written report is requested after each seminar and meeting between students, for a total of 14 hours.


A year-end assignment for a total of 28 hours is required and for those who wish to be certified, a personal and in-depth final memoir of at least 30 pages is required for a total of at least 70 hours.

Training Course Duration 

The Self Development Training Course can be done, according to the impulse, needs and motivations of each person, over one, two or three years of Training and eventually lead to the completion of the Professional Training Course.


The Professional Training is spread over 3 years, 74 days and a total of 887 hours :

656 hours of Training Course seminars + 63 hours of meetings between students + 42 hours of reports + 56 hours of written work at the end of the years + 70 hours of memoire at the end of the Training Course.


After each year of Training Course, students who have participated in each seminar as well as in meetings between students and who have submitted all their written work may request an attestation.


To be certified, three years of Training are required and participating in the Honouring the Couple cycle is highly recommended. Certification allows one to practice Family Constellations as a professional.


After these 3 years of Training, the student can apply for Certification. Evaluation for Certification is done at a Conscious Practice seminar. A positive evaluation of a minimum of 3 constellations as well as the successful completion of an oral exam and an exchange on the final memoir are necessary.


In order to ensure that the candidate acquires the necessary professional foundations, Michaël Katzeff may ask him to extend his Conscious Practice before or after the Certification Assessment.

Ongoing Training Course

Ongoing Training Course is only for professionals. It allows to nourish and enrich a thorough practice in Family Constellations. Professionals commit to participate in at least two 2-day Conscious Practice of Family Constellation® seminars per year and to hand in a report to Michaël Katzeff after each seminar.


Michaël Katzeff offer a Certificate of Conscious Practice in Family Constellation® to each professional who acquire, with professional experience and the Ongoing Training Course, a thorough conscious practice of Family Constellations.

Training Course Contract & Ethic Code

Each student commits to respect the Training Course Contract.

Certified students commit themselves to respect the Ethic Code.


The Training Course takes place from November 2020 to June 2021.

To know the dates, click below on the "DATES, FEES, REGISTRATION" button.


The Training Course is held in residential at Lonay (Switzerland), 30 minutes from Geneva (accessible by train from the airport).

Fees & registration


Registrations are taken into consideration in the order in which the deposit and the Registration Form are received.

To know the fees, click below on the "DATES, FEES, REGISTRATION" button.



Meals are lovingly prepared by Monika, a former student. They are vegetarian and attention is paid to those with food intolerances or allergies (gluten, lactose, etc.).


To make the formula accessible to all, each participant brings a small dish that we share on Friday evening in a potluck fashion.


Monika then prepares the other 3 meals : Saturday lunch, Saturday evening and Sunday lunch.

Testimonials :

The other day a friend asked me how my Family Constellation training course was, I answered him : "It is revealing to see without the prism of my mind". Navigating the Family Constellation landscape is a disturbing experience. Like Alice in Wonderland, I feel like I'm passing through the mirror. In this world where the noise of judgments is silenced to give way to the essential. The invisible becomes visible.

Thank you for your light! You wake people up who sleep in their reoccurring dreams...


I really love the way in which your benevolent and uncompromising work makes it possible to feed the best part of each one, while handing over to each one, and with a profound accuracy, the reins of his life in his own hands. For me, it is really the basis of counselling pedagogy ! I am happy to be committed to this deeply training work. Thank you.


I am full of gratitude to have met you, for me what you offer is obvious on my path today. I also allow myself to not always agree with you and it is comfortable to respect myself in these spaces as well. I also feel free to be who I am in this training course and I thank you for accepting that, for me and for the others, it is fundamental. Free to be sometimes the one who moves forward, who journeys and who opens new possibilities but free to be also sometimes static, not very courageous and closed.
Actually... I don't really care about the Constellations. If you had offered a macramé training course, I would surely have enjoyed learning how to make complicated knots from you as well. Always with this independence of spirit that drives me and is precious to me.

With all my friendship and trust.


I wish to have more information

thank you for being precise in your request

Translation by Ella Zewucki.

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