Training Course Contract

Each student commits to respecting the Training Course Contract in its most recent version as presented here.

The Training Course is independent of any philosophical, religious, ideological or political movement. It guarantees intellectual and spiritual freedom for all.

Each participant commits to :


  • follow the entire Training Course (except in case of force majeure) and to honour the fee in total. This commitment is to the benefit of each participant's personal development process and enables each participant and the entire Training Course group to be respected and honoured.

  • respect confidentiality for all that is lived and shared.

  • meet with the other participants, at least once between each seminar, in order to integrate the essence of Family Constellations.

  • to send between each seminar, to Michaël Katzeff, a report on the past seminar as well as on the meetings in sub-groups (necessary for those who wish to be certified).

  • to hand in, for the 8th seminar, a written end-year paper to each participant as well as to Michaël Katzeff. The 3rd year students, who wish to be certified, submit to Michaël Katzeff, a personal and in-depth final memoir of at least 30 pages.

  • cover civil insurance for the time of the Training Course. Michaël Katzeff as well as the organizers cannot be held responsible for any accident.

Meals will be shared together and are not included in the price of the Training Course. They will be made by paying attention to those who have food intolerances or allergies (gluten, lactose, etc.).

The Training Course is given in residential. Accommodation is not included in the price of the Training.


Audio and video recordings, respecting the confidentiality of the participants, are made throughout the Training Course and can be used by Michaël Katzeff. Participants are not allowed to make personal audio or video recordings or to take computer notes.


Comments, quotations, writings and exercises shared by Michaël Katzeff during the Training Course or during other seminars as well as the content of the website, the Facebook page or any other medium may not be used for personal or professional purposes without his written permission.


No promotion or publicity can be done before Certification.


Any professional or non professional practice of Family Constellations requires obtaining the Certification. No practice is permitted before Certification.

Only certified people can mention that they have been trained by Michaël Katzeff, the Certifying Training Course including at least 3 years of training.


After Certification, each professional commits to participate to at least two annual seminars of Ongoing Training Course of Conscious Practice of Family Constellation®.


Certified students commit themselves to respect the Ethic Code.

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Translation by Ella Zewucki.

No part of this website may be reproduced without the written consent of Michaël Katzeff.