Every weekend is bomb of richness.

Michaël Katzeff

Public Weekends

During public weekends, we will take a fresh look at our life, at what hurts, what blocks or takes energy. Beyond our beliefs, we will discover the hidden dynamics that prevents us to fully thrive. We will nourish this damaged space, this part that is so precious to then take our rightful place and become the author and the actor of our life.

These weekends are an opportunity for everyone to work deeply on themselves, benefiting from the dynamics of the group for their own constellation.  Each participant is enriched by the work of the others and a rich teaching.

During each constellation a question is highlighted.

At the public weekends in Brussels and Geneva, your constellation can be done in English, the rest of the seminar is given in French.




GENEVA 29-30 August

What can be worked on ?
  • the family of origins, the current or blended family

  • the relationships with the parents or the children

  • siblings, twins, adoption, illegitimate children

  • the couple, loneliness, extramarital relationships

  • sexuality, abuse and incest

  • birth, abortion, miscarriages, assisted fertilization

  • separation, divorce

  • physical or mental illnesses, death, bereavement

  • depression, burn-out, anguish or anxiety

  • anger, sadness, jealousy

  • feeling of guilt, abandonment or exclusion

  • weight gain, bulimia, anorexia

  • alcohol and drug abuse

  • recurring or important thoughts, dreams or nightmares

  • hyperactive children, school problems, enuresis

  • money, work, employment status, work relationships, redundancy, business issues

  • major events, blows of fate, heavy fates, recurrent events

  • important decisions to make

  • self-esteem, love

  • etc.

Testimonials :

Thank you Michaël for this beautiful weekend. You act and leave things unfold in a straight line, with precision, serenity and softness, and you go straight to the point. I admire you for what you do and for who you are.


I do not know how to thank you for your faithful support, your comforting words, your kindness, your precious listening and your magnificent inner strength that carries me each Family Constellations Weekend.


Again, thank you very much. It was rich, moving, sometimes heavy, but also light, without judgment... and it puts us in or puts us back into our truth or our strength.


I wish to have more information

thank you for being precise in your request

Translation by Ella Zewucki.

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